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Who are we?

We are here to normalize Cannabis.

Magiccann consists of ambitious individuals who aspire to educate and spread awareness about Cannabis with our relentless effort and brand voice. 

Did you know that the footprint of Cannabis in India goes back to 2000 years ago?

Ayurveda has embraced the health benefits of Cannabis for over 2000 years. We, at Magiccann, aim to root our nation back to the Ayurvedic way of life that assists individuals with their ailment to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We leverage best in class practices for producing quality CBD products that come as a pocket-friendly, non-traditional medicine accessible to everyone in the country.

100% Organic

Our CBD products have ingredients mentioned on the label and our products are Ayush Certified and supervised under Narcotics Control

Pesticide Free

We do not use any form of chemical pesticide for our crops to protect the environment and consumers from toxins

3rd Party Lab Tested

Our every CBD product is certified by 3rd Party Lab from Israel for quality assurance

Hemp Plant

For ensuring the safety of the environment and consumers, we do no use GMO for food products

Preservatives Free

Chemical preservatives are harmful for health and for the environment. All of our products are thus Preservatives Free

Made By Experts

We are a cannabis experts and we work along with trained pharmacists to provide high quality of cannabis based products

We believe in power of nature

Nature offers us all we want – from scrumptious food to healing medicines. While we are still comprehending the vast array of benefits provided by each element of nature, it is established that Cannabis can transform our lifestyle comprehensively.

Contrary to the taboo and speculation surrounding the products, researches and studies show that there’s a lot more to Cannabis than just getting high. Cannabis has, for a long, been used for a myriad of applications that accentuate day-to-day activities.

Magiccann is focused on bringing you the best of both worlds – allowing you to make the most of the benefits of CBD. We will help you discover and adopt a sustainable, beneficial lifestyle by integrating Cannabis seamlessly into your life.

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