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Blackberry Raspberry is the latest product launch of IGET and is also called IGET Goat. The Blackberry Raspberry IGET flavor is one of the top flavor profiles by IGET and gives an icy taste of fresh blackberries and raspberries. This powerful disposable vape is non-rechargeable, comes in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength, and delivers up to 5000 puffs with no need to recharge.


Enjoy the dark and seductive flavors of Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry Ice 5000 Puffs and Iget XXL, the ultimate vaping pleasure with an impressive 5000 and 7000 puffs! Immerse yourself in the rich, sweet flavor of ripe blackberries, expertly infused with a refreshing icy breeze that will awaken your senses. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience, available at an unbeatable price of just ₹. Enjoy the comfort of cash on delivery and fast nationwide delivery services. Enhance your vaping journey with Blackberry Raspberry IGET – I gets – a captivating fusion you’ll enjoy with every puff!


Crystal Bar 600 Berry Ice 20mg Disposable Vape


Iget, Blackberry Raspberry Ice Iget Pro Battery 600 is an incredibly sweet and tasty berry vape with an icy layer of ice for maximum refreshment. A blend of juicy, candied, sweet and sour berries and icy menthol for a refreshing vape you won’t be able to resist.


SKE’s Crystal Bar 600 is an extraordinarily new type of disposable vaping device that manages to be eye-catching and stylish, incredibly simple to use, and super satisfying and delicious to vape. Good for an all-in-one disposable vape stick!


With its dazzling, iridescent colors and crystal-clear ice chassis, Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry Ice Charger, Crystal Vape Bar 600 is a stunning device that also feels lightweight and great in hand, with each puff producing a smooth, shiny glow from the base. It is compact enough to easily fit into any pocket or compartment and take it anywhere.


Each Crystal Bar 600 contains a long-lasting 500 mAh built-in battery and a fixed 1.5-ohm coil for a highly satisfying MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience. As an all-in-one disposable vaping device, Crystal Bar comes prefilled with 1.6ml of delicious e-liquid. Thanks to its nicotine salt formulation, that e-liquid is absorbed faster into the bloodstream, providing almost instant relief from annoying nicotine cravings while providing a silky smooth throat sensation. It makes the Crystal Vape Bar 600 an especially ideal vaping device for newer vapers experimenting with vaping for the first time.


No matter what your taste, there is a Crystal Bar flavor for everyone, from fruits, desserts, bakery, sweets and more. You’ll find all-time favorites like Blue Razz Lemonade, Tobacco, and Menthol, along with more complex and totally delicious blends like Lemon Peach Passionfruit, Fresh Menthol Mojito, Sour Apple Blueberry, and more.


Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry ICE How to Use?


Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry ICE How to Use


I gets Juicy, sharp, and tangy: Blackberries, which are technically fruits rather than berries, can be rich and sweet or mildly acidic, depending on when they are collected. Since fruity-floral fragrances became so popular, blackberries have taken center stage. However, because of their acidity, they can balance out gourmand-sweetness. Astute perfumers use ripeness stages to create unique scents. 


Picking blackberries is something that many of us have done at some point in our lives. The Rubus fruticosus bramble coils itself over endless hedgerows, making it ideal for making pastries, jams, jellies, and even homemade wine. There’s also a whole harvest of smells garlanded with blackberries now.


What is Blackberry Raspberry IGET?


Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry ICE Price In India Disposable Vape


Blackberry Raspberry IGET


Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminum, preserving the flavors to a high standard. Each IGET device boosts 1800 + Puffs (THC oil India, Iget XXL, THC vape India, Cannameds India, CBD oil in India, Igets, CBD vape India, Magiccann Full Spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract) with some of the most fruity and authentic tasting flavors. What sets the IGET apart from the rest of the crowd is its premium feeling and tasty flavors.


What is the Function of IGET Pro?


With 5000 puffs per device, the Blackberry Raspberry Ice Iget Pro price is currently the biggest disposable vape available from IGET. With its adjustable Airflow, you may customize the device to suit your needs. You should definitely include the disposable IGET PRO 5000 vaporizer in your everyday routine! Iget Pro Blackberry Raspberry Ice Uses in Hindi vape pens have a large capacity and a stylish design. They come in a variety of flavors to enhance your daily vaping experience. With its adjustable airflow feature, you may customize the device to suit your needs.


How Many Puffs are in IGET Pro?


The Blackberry Raspberry Ice Iget Pro 5000 Puffs disposable device is now the largest and most advanced vape yet, featuring 5000+ Puffs. With adjustable Airflow, you can control it. IGET PRO IS THE BEST DISPOSABLE VAPE EVER.


What is the Benefit of Vaping?



You may have heard that vaping is safe or that it can help you stop smoking. Some people vape in the hopes that it will assist them in giving up smoking if they have tried other approaches and failed. The advantages of vaping for quitting smoking might not be as great as they seem because you could become addicted to it instead. If you do not currently smoke, vaping offers no advantages.


Although most people believe vaping to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, the mist you breathe in still contains nicotine and other dangerous substances. Vaping is dangerous and can lead to a number of health issues, including potentially fatal lung damage.


Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?


It is not advised to use vaping to stop smoking. Gum, lozenges, inhalers, and patches are among the approved techniques. You might be able to stop smoking with vaping, but you probably won’t be able to stop nicotine entirely.


About 18% of those who made the switch to vaping were able to stop smoking, according to a recent study. That is roughly twice as many as the number of smokers who gave up using other strategies. Approximately 80% of smokers who stopped vaping continued to do so. 91% of those who employed alternative techniques stopped using nicotine products completely.


What Level of Nicotine Should I Vape?



The level of nicotine you vape depends on your preferences, including your smoking habits and your chosen device. Lower nicotine levels are better for those who don’t smoke frequently but still want a nicotine fix; It’s also good for sub-ohm vaping. Higher nicotine levels are better for people who smoke frequently and require higher nicotine intake:


  • 0 mg: nicotine-free, suitable for those who have come down from higher potencies.
  • 3 mg: low-concentration nicotine, ideal for those who are in the final steps of quitting smoking and do not smoke frequently.
  • 6 mg: low potency, best for moderate smokers.
  • 12 mg: medium strength for moderate smokers who smoke a pack a day.
  • 18 mg-20 mg: high potency, suitable for heavy smokers.


Shop Our Blackberry Raspberry IGET Today


There you have it, a guide to what you need to know about the nicotine strengths of e-liquids. We hope this has helped you understand the different strengths of nicotine, how they differ from each other, and which ones are best for you.


It is a leading India online vape store, Twiee Soul Reconnect & reflect Cannabis Leaf Tincture, showing a wide range of products from the largest brands in the e-cigarette market, with orders over ₹ receiving free delivery.


If you’re still uneasy about vaping, why not check out our other guides to see what else you need to know about making the transition to vaping? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always here to help you on your journey to quit smoking.


IGet king flavours:

  •  1 x IGET Pro disposable device
  •  Adjustable Airflow: strong, medium and smooth
  •  Pre-Filled: 13mL Salt Nic
  •  Pre-charged, puff on the device to activate
  •  Salt Nicotine: 5%, (50MG) Salt Nic inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit
  •  Up to 5000+ Puffs per disposable
  •  Compact, Light, and Portable




What is the Blackberry Raspberry?


The Igets is a disposable vape device with a sweet and juicy blackberry and raspberry flavor with an icy finish. It has a prefilled 13ml salt nicotine e-liquid with a 5% nicotine content and can last up to 5000 puffs. It also features flexible Airflow so you can customize your vaping experience.


How do I Use the Iget Kings?


The Igets is a draw-activated device, so puff on it to activate it. There are no buttons or switches to worry about.


What are the Features of the Iget Kings?


The features of the Iget Kings include:

  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 5000 puffs per device
  • 13ml prefilled salt nicotine e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine content
  • Portable and lightweight design


Do you get Better Nicotine from Vaping or Smoking Cigarettes?


You probably won’t get more than a specific amount of cigarettes every pack. You can customize a vaping device with a higher nicotine content if you choose to vape.


Vaping is a very worthwhile option if you want to enhance your nicotine intake.


Is Vaping Healthier than Smoking Cigarettes?


Indeed, vaping is thought to be healthier than cigarette smoking. Smoking has a lot more dangerous chemicals than vaping, which can lead to some very serious and sometimes fatal illnesses and issues.


Where can I buy the Blackberry Raspberry Ice Iget Pro 5000 Puffs?


The Blackberry Raspberry is available at many vape shops and online retailers. You can also find it on the Magiccannstore.

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