Legality of CBD oil in India.

CBD oil is now legal in India as Uttarakhand and many indian states has allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp aka cannabis in India for the medical and industrial purposes.
One can get CBD oil from Cannabis centers and online portals/hemp stores. There are various kind of CBD oil like psychoactive CBD oil that includes thc and other elements of cannabis plant.

The isolate CBD oil is the pure CBD oil that lacks the THC and other components of cannabis elements. Countries where cannabis is 100 percent illegal can use CBD isolate. Isolate CBD is good for the daily use as its 100 percent THC free.

Full spectrum CBD oil is the oil in which THC and all other components of the plant are included. This type of CBD oil is useful in various types of diseases.
We are lucky because of the Ayush Bharat ayurvedic healthcare now anyone can easily get CBD and THC oils in India for the medicinal purpose.
You can buy CBD oil from any place but the cannabis oil that is full spectrum that means including THC needs a medical practitioner prescription. After showing the medical details one can procure cannabis medicines.

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