Cannameds– is online consultation cum sales platform for cannabis medicine. In India Ayush Department allows usage of Cannabis medicines for medical and scientific purposes. Due to increasing demand for medical cannabis, Magiccann provides proper support of medical practitioners in terms of writing dosage of medicines to each patient.

Is Cannabis Medicines legal to buy in India?

                Yes cannabis medicines are 100% legal and one can use it for medicinal purpose in India. So, is there any new law came in just to make cannabis medicine legal in India? the answer is ‘No’. But medicinal use of cannabis was always legal in India under NDPS act (Narcotics and Psychotrophic Substance act) 1985.

                Currently Ayush Department allows a company to legally manufacture cannabis related medicines in compliance with excise department. One must prove that they are using cannabis products for medicinal purpose, so a medical prescription is mandatory to possess medical cannabis.

                It is expected to have medical prescription from a registered medical practitioner in India. The companies selling or manufacturing these medicines should submit the amount of medicines dispatched and prescription for their sales with excise department.

                Once a person gets a medical prescription He/ She can consume the cannabis medicines with THC in India. Visit our site and look for the medicine doctor have prescribed you, or call our executive, we will send the correct products link matching prescription. After selecting the product, customer needs to add the item to cart, then gets the option to upload his/ her prescription. Upload the prescription and complete the order. Our executives will verify and process the order in 24 hours. Happy shopping with CannaMeds!


A customer / patient should be above 21 + years of age for getting consultation and medicines through cannameds. No medicine can be dispatched for customers under 21 years of age.If uploaded medical reports/ prescription is found inappropriate, Order shall be rejected and refunded. With the above norms, One wish to get the cannabis treatment, click the link below.