History of CBD in India.

India’s CBD history is vast. CBD is the extracted cannabidiol from the cannabis hemp plant. Cannabidiol oil can be widely extracted from the flowers of the plant after the 5th/ last month of the plant life cycle.

There are so many processes of CBD extraction in the past times our veds used to prescribe cannabis leaf extracts of 2months old plant to treat various diseases, but they have never cared for other components of the plant. In the modern era, CBD has become widely famous for its pain relief properties without having intoxication effects. CBD oil is one of the most famous elements of the cannabis plant.

The word CBD oil came to know when scientists discovered CBD in 1940 for the treatment of various diseases like epilepsy, PTSD, and various movement disorders. CBD oil got lighting when seniors started reviewing CBD products and explained how Cannabis oil is making their life easy. Not only seniors the patients of different American states valued this medicine and gave their reviews.

Charlotte Figi was an American girl with Dravet syndrome who took cannabidiol oil to prevent seizures and inspired the name of the medical cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Web.

It is said that she is now passed away because of the Coronavirus epidemic.


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