History of CBD in India.

History of CBD in India.
History of CBD in India.

India’s CBD history is vast. CBD is the extracted cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol oil is widely extracted from cannabis plant at last month of plant’s lifecycle.


There are so many processes of CBD extraction in the past times our veds used to prescribe cannabis leaf extracts of 2months old plant to treat various diseases but they have never cared for other components of the plant. In the modern era, CBD has become widely famous for its pain relief properties without having intoxication effects. CBD oil is one of the most famous elements of the cannabis plant.


The long history of cannabis (CBD history) in the lands of India dates back to 2000-1400 B.C. and can be found in The Vedas, otherwise known as the sacred Hindu texts. Cannabis is one of five sacred plants, and it possesses a guardian angel who made its leaves her home. The god Shiva is closely related to the cannabis plant, which is often referred to as “bhang” in India.


The push to legalize cannabis

therapeutic use is not regulated just to the United States. Doctors in India are pushing for further studies on the efficacy of cannabinoids in cancer patients. In 2015, India lifted its ban on cannabis research and hosted its first-ever medical cannabis conferences.


India does not have an official medical cannabis program, but some government officials support the decriminalization of marijuana. Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi’s proposed bill would also permit medical opiate use. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a population of more than billion people.


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