How does the Miracle Medicine help in Fighting Insomnia?

How does the Miracle Medicine help in Fighting Insomnia
How does the Miracle Medicine help in Fighting Insomnia

The fast-paced world comes with both its benefits and detriments. While you are moving consistently to achieve your dreams, you barely have time for yourself. As a result, you spend time into the night binge-watching, working, or staring at the fan, waiting for sleep to pay a visit.


One of the studies shows that nearly 93% of Indians are sleep-deprived, while other states that 84% feel daytime sleepiness due to low-quality or lack of sleep. The numbers indicate that it is essential to address sleep deprivation as an ailment, considering the fact that it is the root cause for serious illness – from heart attack to diabetes.


While traditional medicine holds promising drugs to induce sleep, it is also implicit that it comes with its own set of side effects.


CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has proved to be a viable option in treating insomnia across age groups and lifestyles. The blog aims at exploring how CBD helps individuals suffering from insomnia or lack of quality sleep.


Understanding the various causes behind Poor Sleep


Sleep is an eminent part of a daily routine – it allows your body to rest and recharge to hold a super-productive life, one day at a time. The effects of sleep reflect in the person’s brain activity, heart health, weight management, life span, and immune system. Ideally, it is recommended to have a nightly sleep of seven to nine hours. But not all of us can meet the said requirement.


Many things can cause a hindrance to your sleep cycle. The most prevalent reasons for sound sleep habits include –

  • Mental disorders, including elevated anxiety and stress levels, PTSD, depression
  • Medication that comes between the sleep-wake cycle
  • Caffeine, especially when consumed in the latter part of the day
  • Physical and Environmental Conditions


How does CBD Help Restore your Sleep Cycle?


The promising avenues in which CBD is beneficial to the mental and physical health of individuals are poignant – from pain management to the delayed onset of chronic diseases.


CBD also assists in inducing sleep in individuals by comprehensively taking on many of the factors listed above.


Mental Health –

While mental disorders can’t be directly associated with sleep, individuals who suffer from any mental ailments won’t be able to adhere to a sound sleeping schedule. It is well-known that CBD holds a calming effect to it, as it binds and activates the serotonin receptors in the body. The result will hold a calming, mood-boosting effect on the body.


A study shows that 80% of participants who used CBD as a medication for their anxiety levels saw positive results within a month. Sleep improved for 65% of the same group.


Insomnia –

Insomnia is rooted in the cortisol level stimulation in the body. The stress hormone typically peaks in the morning, and the body holds enough time to overcome the same. On the other hand, people with insomnia may deal with high cortisol levels during bedtime. Insomnia aside, cortisol levels are also a vital reason for the increased number of sleep awakenings. CBD also helps in dealing with grogginess by promoting wakefulness in them.


Multiple pieces of research show that CBD has the power to regulate cortisol levels and help the consumer have a relatively good quality of sleep – with a study showing 66.7% of participants experiencing improvement in sleep.


REM Sleep Disorder –

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep disorder is often experienced by the elderly. The patients physically act out vivid dreams with extensive hand and leg movements during their sleep. Ideally, a person doesn’t move during their REM sleep, which involves 20% of the normal sleep cycle. REM sleep behavior is associated with neurological disorders as well.


In a short study with 4 Parkinson’s patients, it was recorded that CBD helped in managing REM sleep disorder symptoms. While they experienced 2-7 incidents every week, it went down to 0-1 instances. While further study is required to establish the firmness of these claims, the treatment course shows promise.


CBD as a treatment course has showered an immense array of benefits for the users. The non-intoxicating natural product agrees well with the human body and holds zero to minimal tolerable side effects. If you are experiencing trouble falling asleep, you always have the option to incorporate CBD into your routine. After all, sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together.

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