Is CBD really legal in India?

Is CBD really legal in India

Is CBD Oil and other CBD products legal in India? If so, How is it legal?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that can be extracted from Industrial hemp with 0.3% THC or from any cannabis plant. Usually, the Indian Cannabis plant contains a significant amount of THC (Greater than 20%). THC (Tetrahydro Cannabidiol) is a psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plant that can be used for recreational purposes. As per the NDPS (Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances) Act, 1985, it is not allowed to possess, consume, transport, import, or export any psychotropic substance


Clearly CBD is a non psychoactive substance that is highly useful in relieving anxiety, pain, to treat children with Epilepsy and to having peace of mind. Even NDPS act allows medicinal use of cannabis oils or extracts with THC. In India, we opened a medical cannabis marketplace which gives easy access of cannabis medicine to common public. One has to get a medical prescription from a registered medical practitioner in India to consume cannabis medicines.


If you like to consult a registered medical practitioner, one must have their previous medical records or reports that needs to be uploaded in our online doctor consultation portal This makes a user to legally consume medical cannabis in India


However CBD (non psychoactive substance) extracted from leaves of Cannabis plant is not illegal in India. Because leaves and seed  are part of cannabis plant is completely excluded from NDPD act, 1985. Also one can legally import CBD from any country for personal use. Magiccann truly loves to support people who need to import CBD for personal use. We have multiple CBD brands and products listed in our site (


CBD extracted from leaves of the cannabis plants within India is legal whereas CBD manufactured outside India can be imported for personal use with clearance from excise department. Magiccann provides all kinds of support to their customers to pro cure legal and pure CBD in India.


Some companies claim it is legal to import CBD in bulk quantities to India, maybe it is true since Gazetee notification Dated 19.10.2001 does not include CBD in list of banned substance and allows usage of THC in all forms upto 0.3%. A products containing THC level less than 0.3% THC limits may not be considered as Cannabis product as per above mentioned notification in NDPS act.


CBD cosmetics can be imported in bulk in India but importing oral CBD in bulk for commercial purposes still seems to be a grey area.


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