Cannarma Ultra Premium Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil 100 ml


Hemp seed oil from Cannarma is ultra-premium and Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil 100 Ml. Ingredients: 100% cold-pressed hemp seed oil is contained in each 100 ml serving.

Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil 100 Ml For Sale

Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil 100 Ml is meticulously and cold-pressed from natural hemp seeds cultivated in India. But it provides a lot of high-quality Omega 3-6-9. Take advantage of Cannarma’s cold-pressed hemp seed oil as the ideal dietary addition to balance your nutritional needs.

  • Our unique Cannarma Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil production approach combines Ancient Ayurvedic Practices with cutting-edge Research & Technology.
  • Cannarma Ultra Premium Multipurpose Hemp Seed Oil is an ayurvedic proprietary formulation & naturally enriched with the goodness of Hemp Seed. An excellent source of omega fatty acids, essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, it also contains Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin D3, E, and A, Cholesterol-fighting phytosterols, and 9 Essential amino acids.
  • From a nutritional point of view, this oil contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 and 3, which are very important for human health.
  • It allows your body to absorb the oil much more efficiently, hemp seed oil benefits, utilizing the entourage effect as nature intended. All done without any chemicals or solvents.
  • Therapeutic & Medicinal grade formula developed and approved by a scientific board of Researchers, Doctors, Biologists, Ayurveda Experts, and Pharmacists.


Enjoy 100% Cold Pressed Buy BOHECO Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil as the perfect supplement to balance your nutritional needs.

  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Maintain Hormonal Balance.
  • Improves Metabolic and Heart.
  • Build Lean Muscle, benefits of hemp seed oil for skin, Heart Photo.
  • Regulation of blood sugar(BP) levels video of application of hemp.
  • Improve Memory and Brain Function Seed oil on skin & hair.
  • Improve Joint Health Photos of joint pain with muscle
  • Regulate diabetes.
  • It can enhance your beauty routine, nourish your hair and skin, fight acne and rashes, and regenerate.


Each Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed Oil 100 ml contains 100% cold-pressed Hemp seed oil.


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Serve with your favorite dishes or mix into your favorite dips for a nutty twist. So you can enjoy the rich nutrition of this versatile hemp seed oil every day. Liven up CBD oil tincture hemp seed your food and give it extra nourishment with hemp seed oil.


Consume raw

  • Not suitable for fried or cooking.
  • Keep away from extreme heat and open flames.
  • Store in a cool, dark place after opening.
  • Store in cool, dry conditions and avoid direct sunlight.


2 years from the date of Manufacturing.


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