Hemp Cream- 5000MG

Rs.2,999.00 Rs.2,500.00

  • Heal all body pains with hemp cream
  • for calm and relaxation, apply to temples, wrists and Back of neck, apply on bone behind the ear.


  • REDUCE ANXIETY AND PAIN – premium formula helps to reduce muscle, back, knee, elbow & arthritis pain, soothe stiffness, lower inflammation, relieve joint pain, fibromyalgia & carpal tunnel pain.
  • Hemp extract contains a variety of nutrients, which are good for the body, skin.
  • CBD can alleviate anxiety and stress, and has the effect of sedation and pain relief.
  • Truly the best hemp cream for chronic pain relief and anxiety since it targets the neurons and receptors for stress and tension giving you a more calm, and relaxed state of mind


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