Indian Doctors On Cannabis

The Opinion of Indian Doctors on Cannabis

Indian Doctors On Cannabis

Indian Doctors On Cannabis or Marijuana has commonly been used in India since ancient times. Many Doctors and alternate medicine practitioners, such as Ayurveda specialists, prescribe Cannabis and other compounds that are derived from Cannabis to treat a wide range of disorders, mainly to alleviate pain relief to the patient.


However, in the 1980s, India and several other countries decided to outlaw Cannabis as people began to use it for recreational purposes; Cannabis began to increase considerably, accelerating the process of making it illegal.


Cannabis in the 21st Century


Cannabis Clinic India (CBD oil India) farmers are only allowed to grow cannabis plants for scientific and industrial purposes. The cost of cultivation of Cannabis is high, making Cannabis derived medications unfeasible and inaccessible. Cannabis farmers need to have very strict measures in place to ensure that the Cannabis Clinic India does not go beyond the targeted customer.


The Opinion of Doctors


The opinion of doctors on the use of Cannabis is divided. Some have experienced the benefits first-hand and recommend the legalization of Cannabis medicine online. Others fear the chaos legalization will bring. Most doctors believe that Cannabis medicine online, used the right way, can be impactful, but they also agree that it should not be misused.


Dr. Syed Tahir Hassan, a physician who champions the cause of holistic and integrative medications, believes that using plant-derived cannabis compounds in conjunction with allopathic medicines can be extremely beneficial to the patient. He believes that legalizing Cannabis is the way to go.


The Other Side of the Coin


Some doctors believe that legalizing but putting checkpoints on the production and distribution of Cannabis medicine online is the way to go. Some doctors believe Cannabis should not be made available to all. They say it can quickly spread to the wrong hands and result in substance abuse. Cannabis should only be sold in its processed form with a prescription through a certified doctor.


The Scene in India


In 2020, Magiccannstore Cannabis made a comeback in the Indian market. Two alternative medicines that prescribed cannabis-based medications started to operate in Mumbai and Bengaluru, while Uttarakhand has legalized the cultivation of Cannabis under strict Government regulation.


The stigma associated with an illegal substance still exists, and removing this stigma by boldly legalizing Cannabis for medical use will remove or at least reduce this stigma.


The Advantages of Legalising Cannabis


Many doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and specialists believe that the advantages of Cannabis sativa tablets far outweigh the problems caused by them. Here are some of the plus points of using Cannabis oil:

  • Many patients cannot use certain pain-relieving allopathic medications due to pre-existing conditions, for which Cannabis can be the best alternative.
  • Some patients who have taken Cannabis for relieving chronic pain and distress have obtained significant relief.
  • Legalizing Cannabis in India will help people suffering from mental health issues. It will only help these patients considerably, according to a report by the Department of Health.
  • Cannabis sativa tablets have financial benefits for the government, according to a new report. By legalizing, taxing, and regulating the production of Cannabis, the government can derive good financial benefits, says the report.


The Last Leaf Standing


‘A knife can kill and perform a life-saving surgery too.’

This analogy holds good for Indian Doctors On Cannabis, too. Using them the right way depends on the person using them. And they are right!

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