A Sustainable Solution To Arthritis

Vijaya: A Sustainable Solution to Arthritis

A Sustainable Solution To Arthritis

As of today, 25% of the current world population suffers from A Sustainable Solution To Arthritis.


While we walk, move and continually add stress to our joints without providing the time and nutrition we need to recuperate, our joints and bones begin to wear out, ultimately resulting in arthritis.


While treatment for arthritis in knees isn’t particularly harmful, like diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle disorders, it can result in debilitating pain, which can prevent movement and considerably hamper the quality of life. Arthritis can be prevented or the onset delayed with medication, diet and lifestyle modifications, but it cannot be cured completely.


Most patients suffering from treatment for arthritis in knees resort to using topical pain relief balms and ointments. Some consume oral pain relievers despite them not being sustainable in the long run. A sustainable solution exists, and this solution is Vijaya oil (cannameds India).


How Does Vijaya Help Natural Remedies For Arthritis?


Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is an extract from the cannabis plant. It is most commonly extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants. This CBD contains substances known as neurotransmitters, which send signals to the nerves and help in pain relief.


The protein molecules present in these neuro-transmitters attach themselves to the neuro-receptors found in the body. It, in turn, sets off a signaling pathway within the body, leading to reduced pain and inflammation. This CBD can be consumed orally as a capsule or as powder. It can also be applied topically to provide pain relief. The choice of medication depends on the nature of the arthritis and the extent of pain experienced by the patient. It varies from patient to patient.


It is crucial to remember that CBD does not offer any solution to natural remedies for arthritis. However, by considerably reducing pain, discomfort and inflammation, it helps patients suffering from arthritis lead a better quality of life.


CBD: Evidence-Based Treatment


CBD and its derivatives are being used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and extreme natural pain relief for arthritis and inflammation. All the previously mentioned conditions are symptoms of arthritis natural remedies, too, and many patients who have arthritis have experienced considerable relief from using CBD Oil.


In fact, a study conducted in the USA concluded that 30% of patients used CBD-derived products to treat arthritis and were satisfied with the results obtained. A vast majority agreed that they were able to sleep better, experienced reduced joint stiffness (particularly in the mornings) and felt the anxiety caused by pain abate once they began to use CBD oil.


CBD for Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of natural pain relief for arthritis. In osteoarthritis (caused by wear and tear of bones), as explained earlier, CBD helps reduce inflammation and pain, which in turn positively impacts sleep overall well-being and reduces fatigue.


Rheumatoid arthritis, however, is caused by an immune response of the body, wherein the immune system begins to attack the body, resulting in immense joint pain and fatigue. In this type of arthritis natural remedies, a receptor known as the CB2 receptor is responsible for the pain response. The components of CBD oil attach themselves to this CB2 receptor, helping the body shut off feelings of extreme pain.


Steps to Take While Using CBD for A Sustainable Solution To Arthritis


It is extremely crucial to remember that you can only expect results after some time. The process works best when the treatment is gradual and steady. Here are some steps you need to follow when you use CBS for arthritis treatment:


  • Begin Slow: There are over 100 types of natural cure for arthritis, and some substances may not be effective for some types. In some, they can have literally no effect as the cause is not directly linked to the symptoms addressed by CBD. Hence, it is extremely crucial to start slow and consume CBD either orally or topically only once you are sure it works.
  • Take Your Other Medications: If you are taking supplements or any other medications to treat the condition, you should not stop them once you feel the pain relief offered by CBD. Remember that CBD is a very useful supplementary treatment that works in conjunction with other medications to help you manage your condition.
  • Know the Drug Interactions: If you are consuming CBD orally, you need to be sure that the components in the CBD do not interact with the components in your medications. If this occurs, it can reduce the efficacy of both medications or even cause a feeling of uneasiness. It is suggested that you talk to your healthcare provider before you consume CBD orally. However, in the case of topical application of CBD oil, you can be fairly certain that it will not react with other topical ointments or medications.


Natural Cures For Arthritis Side Effects:


The side effects caused by the oral consumption of CBD are minimal. It might result in vomiting and diarrhea. However, patients on blood thinning medications or medications for hypertension need to consult a doctor before commencing oral CBD treatment.


The Final Note:


If you or a loved one are looking for a sustainable, long-term pain relief solution for arthritis, CBD is the way to go. One can consume a very low-level dose of CBD (5mg) initially and then continue to gradually stabilize it if they experience pain relief. Using CBD oil or spray is an instant solution that helps the joints quickly experience relief from pain.


Remember that no matter what, you should be in control of your life and not let pain control your life.

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